Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Dolphin Center" - The Donkeys

Good times at the condo always
Lots to tell, but I barely know what to say.  I've been extraordinarily happy for seven months now (yes, I'm counting). It's weird because I wasn't even looking for happiness, but I guess that's how these things work. My job is challenging and great, my friends and I make mature, yet ghetto, attempts to throw dinner parties, I met someone, we bought our dream house, and it's all been very grown up.  

I sold my condo today. I've lived here for six years, by myself.  Everyone is congratulating me, and smiles all around. I'm mostly relieved, but  feel a little bit panicked. What have I done? No one really warns you what growing up feels like, but this must be it. It's great in many ways, it's a new kind of  happiness. But it's a different kind of happiness.Previously, happiness to me was; cuddles with my dog, a beach day with high UV, or getting wasted with my best friends - waking up on a boat, and then crawling home at 5am.  
I know that saying goodbye to my condo, means saying goodbye to my bachelorette lifestyle. I'm trading in my 1bdrm/1bath, neat little nest, for a creaking, character home in suburbia. I have to share my home, my bed, and my heart, all of which I've enjoyed being selfish with. I can't remember being happier than I am now, but there's a of heaviness as I prepare to hand over the keys to my castle.  The memories I can take with me, but most of them belong here.  
"Dolphin Center" by The Donkeys,  doesn't make much sense, so it's suitable for how I'm feeling at present. After trying to research the lyrics, I realized that no one can seem to make sense of them. I did find a great review of the song, (below) despite the odd lyrics. So, for tonight I'm giving up on trying to decipher my feelings, or this song, and I'm going to sit back and enjoy both.   

"The languid "Dolphin Center" is, perhaps, the best song here, paced at a ramshackle, Band-like shuffle, with torpid blues guitar melting over a fog of organ tones. It's best, actually, if you don't pay much attention to the words. Surely a song this hazily melancholy could find a better way to end the chorus than, "I don't mind the passing weather / I might end up in a Dolphin Center." You might ask, why a Dolphin Center? Why not a community center or a movie theater or possibly a 7-11? No idea. There is nothing in the song to explain it."

I don't mind all your bad letters
I don't mind that they called you a sinner
I don't mind that he came to resent you my lady wears her colors in the winter

I don't mind the passing river
I don't get cold unless you shiver
I don't mind the passing river
I might end up in a dolphin center

I don't mind all your bad weather
I don't mind that they say you've been thinner
I don't mind that he can't seem to forget you
my lady wears her colors in the winter

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