Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Rain" - Jon Heintz

I am a huge fan of reality TV. Drama is always way more entertaining when it's real life drama. With the trend of reality TV becoming ridiculously popular there are always new "reality" concepts being developed. Some of these shows are absolute trash, (but so entertaining), like Jersey Shore, but there are a few shows that are the exception, and offer unique perspectives. Discovery Channel in particular offers insight into extraordinary jobs and ways of life through shows like "Whale Wars", "Ice Road Truckers", and "License to Drill". One of the first shows of this type to be presented by the Discovery Channel is "The Deadliest Catch."
"The Deadliest Catch", follows the captain and crews of crab fishing vessels involved in one of the deadliest jobs in the world - fishing for Alaskan King Crab. The series first premiered in 2005 and is still going strong today. To be honest I could have cared less about Alaskan King Crab fishing before watching this show. Now I find myself entranced by the everyday lives of these rough, blue collar, fishermen

One captain in particular, Phil Harris, was a fan favorite. The loud-mouthed, vulgar, rough around the edges, captain led his crew on the Cornelia Marie for over 20 years. This past year the hard-living fisherman suffered a heart attack and passed away on Feb.9, 2010. The crew, family and fans were all devastated by the loss. The episode "Empty Throne" shows Phils' son traveling to see him in the hospital while the song "Rain" plays in the background.
Captain Phil
The song couldn't be better suited to "The Deadliest Catch" or Captain Phil's passing. Heintz accompanies his beautiful vocals with piano backing. The main themes of the song are "rain" and "change", two things that are often associated with each other. "Rain is gonna come down", is a metaphor for washing the slate clean. The "rain" could also allude to tears of mourning. Heinz says "we're given these moments/we're given this time" and eventually everyone will be affected by loss. Whether or not Heinz wrote this song with death in mind this song is a stunning tribute for anyone that has lost a loved one.
R.I.P. Captain Phil (1956 - 2010)

Come sit with your angels,

And give us some time,
Forgive us this fragile frame of mind,
It's all right.

'Cause it's difficult changes for each in our turn,
And baby your angels they never learn,
No we never learned…
Rain is gonna come down
Change is gonna come ‘round.

We're given these moments,
We're given this time,
And we do what we must just,
Just to get by,
Just to stay high and dry

And as sure as these blue skies they're gonna turn gray.
You've given your angels all of your days
Oh but you can't stay…

Rain is gonna come down
Change is gonna come ‘round.
Rain is gonna come down
Change is gonna come ‘round.

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