Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Already Over Me" - The Rolling Stones

Strippers.  Now that I have your attention.. Strippers are dirty -yes,  but there is something about them that clearly appeals to people.  A beautiful (sometimes) person wearing next to nothing, gyrating and sliding their body all over the stage.  You have to give them credit though - it's not as easy as it looks.  It takes alot of confidence, coordination and skill to twist your body around that pole and dance naked in front of a crowd of strangers.  I think most people have a stripper fantasy.  I also think most people have probably performed a strip tease.  "Already Over Me" by the Rolling Stones is a perfect strip tease song.  The low purr of the guitar and super chill beat evokes images of night, smoky rooms and sex.

"Already over me" was released on the 1997 "Bridges to Babylon" album by the Rolling Stones. The song didn't even make the charts, but in my opinion it's easily the best song on the album. "Bridges to Babylon" has more of a mellow, bluesy feel to it than previous albums. The "Bridges to Babylon" tour was comprised of 108 shows - making it the second largest grossing tour in North America of all time. 

The undeniably sexy Mr. Jagger
The song has a classic theme to it - man loves woman - woman breaks mans' heart.  In a line that screams vanity and insecurity Jagger asks, "Are you already over me?" Ending the relationship is only one part of the break up.  Another step is getting over it, and eventually having to accept that your partner is going to see other people.  This song also describes a vice I am certainly guilty of, falling for someone you know is bad news.  I'm not saying that nice guys always finish last, but I am saying that not-so-nice guys are usually more fun.  When you see something beautiful and wild it's hard to not want to tame it.  I like a challenge, and I believe that nothing worth having ever came easy.

As you poured out the drinks for me
I felt your hooks sink right into me
And I knew you were my destiny
And I thought you'd get the best of me

On the way down to Mexico
As I danced in your rodeo
You say poverty is picturesque
As you dragged your nails across my chest

You're so cold
You're so cruel
I'm your man
Not your fool

Are you already over me
Are you already over me
Are you already over me

What a fool I've been
In the first flush of ecstacy
As you lay naked next to me
While our love put the dawn to flight
I just ignore all those warning lights

Cause when you laugh
I just cry
When you left
I just died

Are you already over me
Are you already over me
Are you already sick me

What a fool I've been

Hard to hold on
To a love divine
I'm kneeling in a corner
Praying to your shrine

 I've been hurt
 So confused
 I've been burned
 I've been bruised

 Are you already over me
 Are you already over me
 Are you already sick of me

 Are you already over me
 Are you already over me
 Are you already tired of me
 Are you already over me

 What a fool I've been
 What a fool I've been
 What a fool I've been

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