Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Video Games" - Lana Del Ray

I was crying over Postsecrets like this
I can't sleep.  I just got back from Hawaii (Woe is me - I know),  and I'm still on "Island Time".  By "Island Time" I mean I'm terribly exhausted but can't fall asleep without hearing the ocean anymore apparently?  Being a Social Media maven I was playing around on my Pinterest.  Perfect site for me as I already creepily save photos I like to folders on my computer to look at when I'm bored.  I posted said photos to Pinterest and now I feel much more productive....  Anyways, I started looking at some of my favourite Postsecrets, got emotional and decided to blog my insomnia out.

Smokeshow Del Ray
Lana Del Ray.  Who is she?  She's the next god damn  Adele. You heard it here first. With all due respect to Adele though, Lana Del Ray is a SMOKESHOW.  I first heard her at Christmas at the suggestion of a music saavy manic cousin, and immediately developed a girl crush (girl crush means I don't want to kiss her but I do want to sit beside her and brush her hair probably or borrow her lipstick).  

Lana Del Ray is exactly how I like my women.  A babe.  She's sultry and smoky without being a skank.  Her song and her voice have a depth and resonance that so many pop tart singers today lack.

Love yourself first Gangsta
"Video Games" may just be one of my favorite songs.  It's more of a "real" love song, and I like those best.   At only 25 years old the kind of love Del Rey sings about is the kind of raw and stupid love everyone experiences once in their life.  My favorite lines, "Heaven is a place on earth with you", "It's better than I ever even knew." You fall madly in love with someone and turn a blind eye to all of their flaws. You'll do anything to make them happy, "Tell me all the things you want to do, I heard that you like the bad girls Honey, is that true?" In the song she appears to be both intoxicated with her guy, and in the literal sense.  Del Ray was quoted in an interview with The Observer as saying;
"I just put that song online a few months ago because it was my favorite.  To be honest, it wasn't going to be the single but people have really responded to it.  I get very sad when I play that song. I still cry sometimes when I sing it."
Everybody's guilty of loving someone so unconditionally that you compromise a part of yourself. That unconditional, dreamy, teenage-type love will give you the biggest emotional highs and lows of your life.  Then one day you wake up, grow up and step up and realize that the most important person in your life is you.

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