Monday, August 9, 2010

"I'll Be Your Lover, Too" - Van Morrison

I've wanted to write about this song for awhile, but couldn't quite find the right angle.  There is no story, no background, no meaning - I just really adore this song.  I can't take credit for finding this gem though.   It's a little known song, you can find it on Van Morrison's album "His Band &  The Street Choir".  A friend actually turned me on to it.  He's a "mans - man" type of guy, so I was pretty intrigued when he told me he was a sucker for this song that he originally heard playing at the end of "Proof of Life".  The song was also featured in "Moonlight Mile".  He said that when he listened he thought it was a really sad song, but after listening to the lyrics he realized it was just the opposite. 

This is a completely different Morrison than that of the "Brown Eyed Girl" Van.  Every once in awhile you hear a song that's so bone-chillingly beautiful it makes you a bit teary eyed.  This is definitely one of those songs.  The lyrics are romantic, but in a non-cheesy way.  I love the into " I'll be your man - and I'll understand - and i'll do my best - to take good care of you."  Because that's what love essentially is right?  Finding someone who can understand you, and take care of you.  It's not always lust and passion and attraction.  Sometimes you find yourself most in love with someone because you trust them - and they cherish you.  So thank you Van Morrison for writing a love song that more accurately describes "love" than most others.
Van Morrison

You can tell how emotional Morrison is because his voice cracks at several parts during the song.  It's the kind of song you want to see performed live so that you can watch the artist's face while they're singing it.  As I mentioned this song is quite unknown, originally released in 1970.  I expect it will become popular again any day now though, because through my research I discovered teen heart-throb, Robert Pattison, covered it. It's too bad most tweens will have no idea Morrison was originally responsible for this masterpiece. Although Pattison does a good job, and I'll give him credit, he doesn't do it justice like Morrison does. 

I'll be your man

I'll understand
And do my best
to take good care of you
Yes I will

You'll be my queen
I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too
Yes I will

Derry down green
Color of my dream
A dream that's daily coming true
I'll tell you
When day is through
I will come to you
And tell you of your many charms

And you'll look at me
with eyes that see
And melt into each other's arms
And so I come to be the one
who's always standing next to you

Reach out for me
So I can be the one
who's always reaching out for you
Yes I will, yes I will

You'll be my queen
I'll be you king
And I'll be your lover too

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