Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Small Town Streets" - Zachary Lucky

When I grow up I want to be
just like Penny Lane...
Gawd I feel guilty.  So guilty. This blog has become a forgotten house plant, slowly wilting, in the corner of the room.  Despite my recent negligence I promise never to let this blog die. Being able to share my taste in music with people all over the world is an amazing feeling.  I used to daydream about being a Penny Lane-esque kind of broad that travels around the world scouting out bands and penning articles for Rolling Stone Magazine. The closest I've come to this thus far, is writing my blog and picking up local musicians.  C'est la vie - I'll take what I can get.

This song came to me quite unexpectantly through my little cousin.  The weird part is that I had no idea he was my cousin until two years ago when my brother started bringing him around (baby bro has a nasty habit of bringing home strays). We soon discovered him as one of our own, and any talk of marrying him off to various other cousins stopped (mostly).

One day the cousin came into work, thrilled to announce that he and his buddy had started a small production company - Prairie City Sound.  Essentially they shoot video of local/touring bands doing an acoustic set in a location of their choice in Winnipeg or the surrounding area. I liked the concept enough and I agreed to watch their first video.  An acoustic set tends to speak volumes about an artist's worth and talent.

Zachary Lucky, a Saskatchewan born folk artist was in Gimli, Manitoba for the Icelandic Festival this August, and the boys were lucky enough to shoot some footage of this bear cub of a guy. I found very little info on Zachary himself, save for a couple positive reviews and a modest bio by Lucky himself
"My name is Zachary Lucky, and I was born and raised in Saskatoon, SK.  I'm a singer of songs - hopefully I can come sing some songs for you at some point in time."
I  noticed Lucky is still unsigned, which is ridiculous, because the talent that this young buck possesses is glaringly obvious.  One of Lucky's most endearing qualities is his guy next door persona. With his gravitation towards plaid and his crooked smile, he reminds me of all the small town boys I grew up with.  He has no shtick or image, and he embodies a type of modesty that can only be homegrown.His songs emanate a maturity and wisdom of someone much older, and much more beaten down than the fresh faced Lucky.  His voice is rich and soothing with gravelly undertones.

I couldn't find the lyrics to "Small Town Streets" anywhere, so I tried my best to decipher them. The song tells the story of what Zachary knows best - small town life.  His lyrics are nostalgic, and his voice so soft at times, that my heart breaks a little when he sings, "Jesus Christ, isn't a pretty sight, Watching the sun go down on all the dreams we had."

Moral of this story:  Check out Zachary Lucky & Prairie City Sound.

Oh rain down on me,
I’ve been walking down the small town streets
Just counting my pennies
Waiting to leave this town in the Spring

This Winter’s been hard on me
I’m sure that you know what I mean
By that bottle of Jim Beam
In the corner (??)

I saw you sitting there
You were lost in the midnight (stare?)
You were looking for the truth
Out in the cold and shallow light

And I heard you were leaving town
I could hear it in the way you sound when you’re singing your blues
Your lost in a minor key

Jesus Christ isn’t a pretty sight
Watching the sun go down on all the dreams we had


  1. Like the video? How about coming down to see Zachary Lucky live in Winnipeg! Next Wednesday at the Park Theatre! With some great locals.

  2. Here is the event page!

  3. You're lost in a minor key.
    Jesus Christ! Isn't it a pretty site?
    Watching the sun...
    Another rendition:

  4. Nice @anonymous - thx for link.